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Great Lawyer

Posted by Cassey and Nick

February 19, 2020

My boyfriend and I needed help when his mother decided to get a bogus restraining order against him in hopes of gaining custody of his 15yr old daughter. We literally looked online for a lawyer that was reasonably priced and found Tresa. We had less than 8 hours to file our response to the courts and found ourselves in a jam. From the minute we met her we knew she was the right lady for the job. She helped us fill out all the necessary paperwork, which let me say is a ton!! She told us where to go to file it and what to do before our court date which was a few days away!! With just one appearance we left that day with the restraining order dismissed, and a pick up time to go and get our daughter!! Now I know all cases are different and results may vary, but we highly recommend her to anyone that needs help in gaining custody of their kid. She is professional and works extremely hard and fast to get the job done. We for sure will be hiring her again in 6 months to get all of our stuff finalized!! For sure she is a top notch attorney with class and a heart!!

Communication was prompt

Posted by Melanie

August 28, 2019

Tresa got my ticket dismissed. Communication was prompt. She spoke in simple terms I could understand. And got to the pitch and substance of the issue in a few succinct sentences.

Thank you Tresa.

She's been down right awesome

Posted by anonymous

August 28, 2019

I get Hyatt legal services through employment, She's helped me twice now on a couple consumer issues with positive recovery results, and on trust documentation and planning. I'm glad to have found someone participating in the plan and eager to help. It's been a great benefit and she's been downright spectacular to work with.

Went above and beyond for me, I got the ruling I needed and then Tresa went the extra mile.

Posted by Nick

‎January‎ ‎2‎, ‎2019

I hired Tresa through the advice of a program through my work. I was facing a $10,000 fine for an accident I had. I contacted Tresa with short notice and she was quick to help me get my court date rescheduled. At court I was given the opportunity to do community service hours in order to pay an extremely reduced fine. I was happy with the ruling and lucky Tresa got me the deal that was offered. Unfortunately that was not the end of my issues with this ticket, I was bit able to complete my hours of community service and I did not retain Tresa's services because of personal financial reasons. Although Tresa had kept in touch with me between the two court dates I did not expect her to be at court because I had not retained her. When I walked into the court room Tresa was there to help me through a rough time and was able to get me and unlikely extension to finish my community service hours with the judge. I appreciate everything she did for me and I cannot say enough good things about her as a person and lawyer.

I found Tresa Cavanaugh through Hyatt Legal Services and could not have been happier with her. She is extremely competent, very caring, empathetic and importantly, extremely knowledgeable. She spent a lot of time explaining and clarifying questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her.

Great attorney

Posted by Jennifer

October 13, 2017

She was really great. She got me alimony which we weren't sure if I could even get after 3 years. I would recommend her as she is a very caring lawyer. And does a good job

Above and Beyond Service!

Posted by Julie

September 27, 2017

Tresa completely exceeded my expectations when handling my small claims case! She was always quick to answer my concerns. She always went above and beyond what I expected. This was my first experience in court, and I felt 100% prepared thanks to her.

Quick, great communicator

Posted by anonymous

August 2, 2017

I found Tresa through a colleague and needed representation for a traffic ticket. She explained in detail and framed up my expectations and things I needed to prepare for her. She was responsive on email/ text and we wrapped up final details on the phone. I would recommend her and use her in the future.

Tresa Cavanaugh awesome attorney

Posted by Kayee

July 5, 2017

I went through the Moderate Means program and they suggested I should contact Tresa Cavanaugh. I contact her to get some information about what she does and if she would be a good fit for myself. I did end up meeting with Tresa and she helped me out so much. Her pricing helped me a lot because I make descent money and she works with you. I had a lot of support during my time...

Professional Legal help with prompt service and excellent communication.

Posted by Todd

May 12, 2017

I recently had a real estate situation that could have been very caustic, we entered into a for sale by owner negotiation without legal representation and shortly after beginning the process the seller decided to cancel the deal and we had already given them our earnest money, things looked like they were going to get ugly. After thinking things over we decided to look for an attorney for...

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